Special Offer: Minimum Convenience Fees.(3D Glass Charges Rs. 20/- will be extra applicable on 3D movies.)


J.P. The blessing of Father

CINEMA: a theatre where films are shown for public entertainment.

Together, J.P. Cinema is a flourishing new hub for entertainment and leisure in the heart of Chhatarpur city of Madhya Pradesh, with a five minutes driving distance from Chhatarpur Market. Beginning with the earliest conceptual phases, developers of this multiplex were determined to promote artistic excellence while helping to reenergize the city as a modern entertainment destination for local residents and tourists alike.

We don't just bring the best of the technology to our customers but also enhance the overall experience with world class architecture, infrastructure at the best of location in the city of Chhatarpur.

The journey for opening the first multiplex in Bundelkhand Region has been amazing. As we continue to grow, we strive to excel in the minds of our patrons by bringing the latest technology, the most sought after content, world class ambience and attractive F&B services. We are a consumer company; our dedicated team at J P Cinema takes immense pride in providing the complete user experience.

Our Vision